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Power System

1. Electrical Power System
2. Electrical Grid System
3. Advantages of Three Phase System over Single Phase System
4. Auto Reclosing Scheme of Transmission System


1. Electrical Power Substation Engineering and Layout
2. Electrical Bus System and Electrical Substation Layout
3. Mobile Substation | Portable Substation | Mobile Transformer
4. Load Curve | Load Duration Curve | Daily Load Curve
5. Diversity Factor
6. High Voltage Direct Current Transmission | HVDC Transmission
7. Why Supply Frequency is 50 Hz or 60 Hz?

Transmission Line

1. Electrical Power Transmission System and Network
2. Transmission Line in Power System
3. Voltage in Power Electric Lines
4. Short Transmission Line
5. Medium Transmission Line
6. Long Transmission Line
7. Performance of Transmission Line
8. ABCD Parameters of Transmission Line
9. Sag in Overhead Conductor
10. Surge Impedance Loading or SIL
11. Admittance
12. Advantages of Bundled Conductors
13. Bundled Conductors Used in Transmission Line
14. Ground Clearance of Different Transmission Lines


1. Electrical Power Cable
2. Types of Overhead Conductor
3. Testing of Electrical Power Cable | Type Test | Acceptance Test | Routine Test
4. Conductor Resistance Test of Electrical Power Cables
5. Test for Thickness of Insulation of Power Cable
6. Annealing Test for Wires and Conductors
7. Tensile Test of Conductors
8. Persulphate Test of Conductor
9. Wrapping Test for Conductors
10. Guidance to Fiber Optic Cable Selection

Transmission Effect

1. Corona Effect in Power System
2. Ferranti Effect in Power System
3. Inductance in Single Conductor Power Transmission Line
4. Inductance in Three Phase Transmission Line
5. Power System Stability
6. Load Flow or Power Flow Analysis
7. Transient Stability in Power System
8. Flexible AC Transmission Systems | FACTS
9. Tariff of Electricity in India
10. Power Factor | Calculation and Power Factor Improvement
11. Skin Effect in Transmission Lines
12. Inductance of Two Wire Single Phase Transmission Line
13. Load Flow and Y Bus
14. Equal Area Criterion
15. Steady State Stability


1. Electrical Transmission Tower Types and Design
2. Methods of Transmission Tower Erection
3. Basic Concept of Transmission Tower Foundation
4. Design of Foundations of Transmission Towers in different Soils


1. Measurement of Insulation Resistance
2. Electrical Insulator | Insulating Material | Porcelain Glass Polymer Insulator
3. Types of Electrical Insulator | Overhead Insulator
4. Insulation Coordination in Power System
5. Electrical Insulator Testing | Cause of Insulator failure
6. Dielectric Properties of Insulation
7. BIL or Basic Insulation Level Definition Table and Calculation

Capacitor Bank

1. Capacitor Bank | Reactive Power Compensation
2. Types of Capacitor Bank
3. Testing of Capacitor Bank
4. Specifications or Rating of Power Capacitor Bank
5. Shunt Capacitor
6. Switchable Capacitor Bank or Switched Capacitor Bank
7. Location of Shunt Capacitors
8. Synchronous Condenser


1. Phase Synchronizing Device or Controlled Switching Device
2. Types of Electrical Reactor
3. Selection of Reactor for Different Applications
4. Three Phase Shunt Reactor
5. Construction of a Shunt Reactor
6. Tests of Shunt Reactor
7. Measurement of Reactance of a Shunt Reactor
8. Winding Resistance Test of Shunt Reactor
9. Measurement of Losses in Shunt Reactor
10. Arc Suppression Coil or Petersen Coil


1. Resistance of Earth
2. System Earthing
3. Equipment Earthing
4. Earthing of Electrical Transmission Tower
5. Earthing of Substation Equipment

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