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Power Electronics


1. Concept of Power Electronics
2. Application of Power Electronics
3. Thyristor or Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR)
4. Two Transistor Model of SCR or Thyristor
5. Characteristics of Thyristor or Characteristics of SCR
6. Switching or ON OFF Characteristics of SCR or Thyristor
7. Gate Characteristics of SCR or Thyristor
8. Thyristor Triggering or SCR Triggering
9. Rating of SCR or Thyristor
10. Series and Parallel Connection of SCR or Thyristor
11. Thyristor Protection or SCR Protection
12. Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor | IGBT


1. Introduction to Power Electronic Converters
2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Power Electronic Converters
3. Three Phase Half Wave Diode Rectifier
4. Three Phase Full Wave Diode Rectifier
5. Phase Controlled Single Phase Half Wave Rectifier
6. Chopper | DC to DC Converter
7. Buck Converter | Step Down Chopper
8. Boost Converter | Step Up Chopper
9. Buck Boost Converter
10. Dual Converter
11. Cycloconverter

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