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Electronics Devices

Basic Electronic

1. Integrated Circuits | Types of IC
2. Valence Electron and Electric Conductivity
3. Mobility of Charge Carrier
4. Optoisolator or Optocoupler Construction and Operating Principle of Optoisolator
5. Electrical Conductance Conductivity of Metal Semiconductor and Insulator | Band Theory
6. MOS Capacitor | MOS Capacitance C V Curve
7. Photo Electrons
8. Schottky Effect


1. Theory of Semiconductor
2. Semiconductor Physics
3. Intrinsic Semiconductor
4. Extrinsic Semiconductors
5. Energy Bands of Silicon
6. Donor and Acceptor Impurities in Semiconductor
7. Conductivity of Semiconductor
8. Current Density in Metal and Semiconductor
9. Intrinsic Silicon and Extrinsic Silicon
10. P Type Semiconductor
11. N Type Semiconductor
12. Silicon Semiconductor
13. Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor
14. P N Junction Theory Behind P N Junction
15. Forward and Reverse Bias of P N Junction
16. Hall Effect Applications of Hall Effect


1. Diode | Working and Types of Diode
2. Ideal Diode and Characteristics of Ideal Diode
3. Diode Characteristics
4. Diode Resistance
5. Diode Current Equation
6. Reverse Recovery Time of Diode
7. Vacuum Diode History Working Principle and Types of Vacuum Diode
8. PN Junction Diode and Characteristics of PN Junction Diode
9. PIN Photodiode | Avalanche Photodiode
10. What is Photodiode? Working Construction Characteristic Applications
11. Tunnel Diode and its Applications
12. Laser | Types and Components of Laser
13. GUNN Diode
14. Varactor Diode
15. Schottky Diode
16. Power Diodes
17. PIN Diode
18. Laser Diode
19. Diode Testing


1. Working Principle of Transistor
2. Types of Transistor
3. Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT
4. Bipolar Junction Transistor Connections
5. Transistor Biasing
6. Transistor Characteristics
7. Current Components in a Transistor
8. Transistor Manufacturing Techniques
9. Applications of Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT | History of BJT
10. Transistor as an Amplifier
11. Transistor as a Switch or Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT as Switch
12. DIAC Construction Operation and Applications of DIAC
13. TRIAC Construction Operation and Applications of TRIAC
14. Phototransistor

Light Emitting Diode

1. Solid State Light or Light Emitting Diode or LED
2. Working Principle of Light Emitting Diode
3. White Light Emitting Diode or White LED Light


1. JFET or Junction Field Effect Transistor
2. Working Principle of Junction Field Effect Transistor or JFET
3. Types of JFET | N Channel JFET | P Channel JFET
4. Characteristic of Junction Field Effect Transistor
5. Parameters of JFET or Specifications of JFET
6. Biasing of Junction Field Effect Transistor or Biasing of JFET
7. Q Point or Load Line Analysis of JFET
8. Applications of Field Effect Transistor
9. JFET as A Switch


1. Half Wave Rectifiers
2. Half Wave Diode Rectifier
3. Full Wave Rectifiers
4. Full Wave Diode Rectifier
5. Bridge Rectifiers
6. Diode Bridge Rectifier
7. Clipping Circuit
8. Clamping Circuit


1. Working Principle of MOSFET P Channel N Channel MOSFET
2. MOSFET Circuits
3. MOSFET Characteristics
4. Applications of MOSFET
5. MOSFET as a Switch
6. Power MOSFET

Theory of Diode

1. What is Avalanche Breakdown?
2. Zener Breakdown and Zener Characteristic


1. Amplifier Gain | Decibel or dB Gain
2. Differential Amplifier
3. RC Coupled Amplifier
4. Common Emitter Amplifier


1. Monostable Multivibrator
2. Bistable Multivibrator
3. Astable Multivibrator

Printed Circuit Board

1. What is Printed Circuit Board or PCB?

Zener Diode

1. What is Zener Diode? Working Principle of Zener Diode
2. Characteristics of Zener Diode
3. Applications of Zener Diode
4. Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator
5. Zener Diode Experiment

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