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Biomedical Instrumentation

BMI Introduction

1. Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation

Bioelectric Signals and Electrodes

1. Action Potential and Resting Potential
2. Bio Electrode Potential
3. Electrodes Used in Medical Applications
4. Surface Electrodes

Physiological Transducers

1. Biomedical Transducers Types of Biomedical Transducers
2. Application of Transducers in Biomedical Instrumentation
3. Applications of Resistive Transducers in Biomedical Instrumentation
4. Chopper Amplifier for Biomedical Instrumentation
5. Biological Amplifiers and Types of Biological Amplifiers

Biomedical Recorders

1. Cross Section of Heart Cardiac Heart Potential and Electrocardiography
2. ECG Lead System Configuration
3. ECG Recording Setup
4. Electroencephalography | EEG
5. EEG Measurement
6. Electroretinography
7. Electromyography

Audiometer and Hearing Aid

1. Audiometers | Hearing Capacity Measuring Device

Cardiac Output Measurement

1. Cardiac Output Measurement

Blood Gas Analyzers

1. Fiber Optic Blood Gas Analyzer

Fetal Monitoring Instruments

1. Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Techniques
2. Fetal Heart Rate Measurement Using Doppler Ultrasound Technique
3. Neonatal Incubator

Respiration Rate Measuring Instruments

1. Apnoea Detectors

Pulse Rate Measurement

1. Pulse Rate Measurement
2. Defibrillators
3. Types of Defibrillators

Blood Pressure Measurement

Haemodialysis Machines

1. Renal Functioning of Kidney
2. Haemodialysis
3. Peritoneal Dialysis

Heart-Lung Machine

1. Mechanical Functioning of Heart
2. Heart Lung Machine


1. Pacemakers
2. Pacing Modes of Operation in a Pacemaker


1. Ventilators


1. Pulse Oximeter

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