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Circuit Theory

Circuit and Network

1. Electric Circuit or Electrical Network
2. Nodes, Branches and Loops of a Circuit
3. Circuit Elements - Active Passive Elements of Electrical Circuit
4. Electrical DC Series and Parallel Circuit
5. Construction of AC Circuits and Working of AC Circuits
6. Planar and Non Planar Graphs of Circuit
7. Dual Network

Circuit Theorem

1. Kirchhoff Current Law and Kirchhoff Voltage Law
2. Norton Theorem | Norton Equivalent Current and Resistance
3. Thevenin Theorem and Thevenin Equivalent Voltage and Resistance
4. Superposition Theorem
5. Maximum Power Transfer Theorem
6. Reciprocity Theorem
7. Tellegen Theorem
8. Compensation Theorem
9. Substitution Theorem
10. Millman Theorem

Circuit Analysis

1. Network Analysis or Circuit Analysis
2. Nodal Analysis in Electric Circuits
3. Single and Multi Mesh Analysis
4. Electric Current and Voltage Division Rule
5. Electrical Source Transformation
6. Delta - Star transformation | Star - Delta Transformation

Two Port Network

1. Two Port Network
2. Impedance Parameters or Z Parameters
3. Admittance Parameters or Y Parameters
4. Hybrid Parameters or h Parameters


1. Trees and Cotrees of Electric Network
2. What is Incidence Matrix?
3. Cutset Matrix Concept of Electric Circuit

RL Circuit

1. RL Series Circuit
2. RL Parallel Circuit
3. RL Circuit Transfer Function Time Constant RL Circuit as Filter


1. Op amp or Operational Amplifier | Working Principle of Operational Amplifier or Op amp
2. Op amp 741 IC or Operational Amplifier 741 IC
3. Ideal Operational Amplifier or Ideal Op Amp
4. Negative Feedback in Op amp and Closed Loop Gain of Op amp
5. Inverting Operational Amplifier | Inverting Op Amp
6. Non Inverting Operational Amplifier | Non Inverting Op Amp
7. Summing Amplifier or Op Amp Adder
8. Difference Amplifier or Op Amp Subtractor
9. Op Amp Differentiator
10. Integrator or Op Amp Integrator
11. Op Amp Characteristics
12. Op Amp Circuit
13. Applications of Op Amp

RLC Circuit

1. RLC Circuit
2. Series RLC Circuit
3. Parallel RLC Circuit
4. Time Constant
5. Resonance in Series RLC Circuit

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