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1. Electrical Switchgear Protection
2. Low Voltage Switchgear or LV Switchgear
3. Medium Voltage Switchgear
4. High Voltage Switchgear

Circuit Breaker

1. Short Circuit Current of Circuit Breaker
2. Circuit Breaker Maintenance
3. High Voltage Testing | Low Frequency Constant DC High Frequency Surge or Impulse Test
4. SF6 Gas or Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas Properties
5. Routine Tests of Circuit Breakers
6. Remote Controlling of Circuit Breaker by Microcontroller
7. Circuit Breaker Operation
8. Rating of Circuit Breaker | Short Circuit Breaking Making Current
9. Residual Current Circuit Breaker
10. Dielectric Gases


1. Electrical Fuse HRC Fuse High Rupturing Capacity
2. Miniature Circuit Breaker or MCB
3. Working Principle of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCB | Voltage and Current ELCB | RCCB


1. What is an Arc ? | Arc in Circuit Breaker
2. Arc Interruption Theory

Vacuum Switchgear

1. Vacuum Arc and its Stability | Extinction of Vacuum Arc | Arc Plasma
2. Vacuum Interrupters Design Applications and Limitations
3. Introduction of Vacuum Switchgear and its Driving Mechanism
4. GIS or Gas Insulated Switchgear
5. Metal Enclosed Switchgear
6. Introduction of Indoor Switchgear - Advantages and Limitations of Indoor Switchgear


1. Electrical Isolator or Electrical Isolation Switch

Types of Circuit Breaker

1. Electrical Circuit Breaker | Operation and Types of Circuit Breaker
2. Air Circuit Breaker Air Blast Circuit Breaker
3. Oil Circuit Breaker Bulk and Minimum Oil Circuit Breaker
4. SF6 Circuit Breaker Types and Operation of SF6 Circuit Breaker
5. Vacuum Circuit Breaker or VCB and Vacuum Interrupter

Lightning Arrestor

1. ZnO Gapless Lightning Arrester or Surge Arrester

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