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Illumination Engineering

Theory of Light

1. Photometry and Radiometry
2. Radiometric and Photometric Quantities
3. Radiant Flux and Luminous Flux
4. Irradiance and Illuminance
5. Radiant Exitance and Luminous Exitance
6. Radiance and Luminance
7. Transmittance and Reflectance
8. Colour Temperature of Black Body Radiation
9. Lamp Performance Parameters: Luminous Efficacy Correlated Colour Temperature Colour Rendering Index
10. Tristimulus Values and Chromaticity Coordinates
11. Laws of Illumination

Fluorescent Lamp

1. History of Fluorescent Lamp
2. Gas Discharge Phenomenon in Fluorescent Lamp
3. Construction of Fluorescent Lamp
4. Fluorescent Lamp and Working Principle of Fluorescent Lamp
5. Why is Fluorescent Lamp Phosphor Coated?
6. Working Principle of a Tube Light
7. Wiring Diagram for a Single Tube Light Circuit



Lighting Scheme

1. Factors to Consider in Interior Lighting Design
2. Light Luminaires
3. Flood Lights Luminaire
4. Day Lighting
5. Road Lighting Design
6. Hospital Lighting
7. Glare in Road Lighting System
8. Tunnel Lighting
9. Basic Theory of Light

Sources of Light

1. Electric Lamp | Types of Electric Lamp
2. Materials Used in Lamp Bulb
3. Incandescent Lamp Principle and Construction of Incandescent Lamp
4. Tungsten Halogen Lamps
5. Gas Discharge Phenomenon in Electrical Gas Discharge Lamps
6. Low Pressure Sodium Vapour Lamp


1. Standard Photometer
2. Integrating Sphere Photometer



Lighting Schemes

Instruments of Photometry

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