Wrapping Test for Conductors

This test is done on aluminum wire used as conductor in power cables to determine its ductility. Ductility of a conductor is nothing but the property of how easily it can be wound and twisted. Higher the ductility, easily the material can be wound and twisted without its breaking. This property plays the significant role during manufacturing and installation process where the cable is subjected to torsion due to axial twist and might break. Hence, this wrapping test ensures suitability of aluminum as cable conductor.


  1. The specimen wire is wrapped round its own diameter to form closed helix of 8-6 turns and then unwrapped.
  2. Repeat the previous step 2-3 times.
  3. If the wire does not break, it can be said it is ductile enough.

wrapping test of conductor

Observation for Wrapping Test for Conductors

Sample no. Diameter Whether wire break or not


The specimen meets/does not meet the requirements of specification.

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