Electrical International Symbol

Name Of Symbol Mark Symbol
Concealed WiringConcealed Wiring
Conduit WiringConduit Wiring
Direct Concealed WiringDirect Concealed Wiring
Multiple Conductor LineMultiple Conductor Line
Tanking WiringTanking Wiring
Cable TerminationCable Termination
Branching BoxBranching Box
Electrical ApplianceElectrical Appliance
Telecom Indication Socket OutletTelecom Indication Socket Outlet
Arial Socket Outlet of TV and RadioArial Socket Outlet of TV and Radio
Florescent LampFlorescent Lamp
Electric BellElectric Bell
Electric Door OpenerElectric Door Opener
Current Impulse SwitchCurrent Impulse Switch
Electric Line Permanent PointElectric Line Permanent Point
One Way Single Pole SwitchOne Way Single Pole Switch
One Way Two Pole SwitchOne Way Two Pole Switch
Two Way Single Pole SwitchTwo Way Single Pole Switch
Intermediate SwitchIntermediate Switch
Push Button SwitchPush Button Switch
Single LampSingle Lamp
Dreamer SwitchDreamer Switch
Single Socket OutletSingle Socket Outlet
Double Socket OutletDouble Socket Outlet
Surface WiringSurface Wiring
Electric MotorElectric Motor
Electric HeaterElectric Heater
Electric Water HeaterElectric Water Heater
Electric Cooking RangeElectric Cooking Range
Electrical Wiring Connection Symbol/MarkElectrical Wiring Connection Symbol/Mark
Terminal StripTerminal Strip
Branching BoxBranching Box
Electric FuseElectric Fuse
Electric LampElectric Lamp
Socket OutletSocket Outlet
Electric Motor, Single PhaseElectric Motor, Single Phase
Electric Motor, Three PhaseElectric Motor, Three Phase
Electric CellElectric Cell
Thermal & Electro magnetic trippers switch three PoleThermal & Electro magnetic trippers switch three Pole
Electric Measuring InstrumentElectric Measuring Instrument
Volt MeterVolt Meter
Electromagnetic Tripper Switch Single PoleElectromagnetic Tripper Switch Single Pole
Magnetic Conductor with three Main ConductionMagnetic Conductor with three Main Conduction
Washing MachineWashing Machine
Dish Washing MachineDish Washing Machine
Electric MeterElectric Meter
House Connection BoxHouse Connection Box
Push Button SwitchPush Button Switch
Florescent Lamp’s Choke CoilFlorescent Lamp’s Choke Coil
Starter of Florescent LampStarter of Florescent Lamp
Stair Case Time SwitchStair case time switch
Thermal Tripper Switch, Single PoleThermal Tripper Switch, Single Pole
Thermal Tripper Switch Three PoleThermal Tripper Switch Three pole
Main SwitchMain Switch
Electric Door OpenerElectric Door Opener
Ear PhoneEar Phone
Power PackPower Pack
Circuit Breaker (MCCB)Circuit Breaker (MCCB)
Limit SwitchLimit Switchtd
Electromagnet ConductorElectromagnet Conductor
Electromagnet Relay
Time Lag RelayTime lag relay
Generator DCGenerator DC
Generator ACGenerator AC
Motor AC & DCMotor AC & DC
Ampere MeterAmpere Meter
Manual Multiple Switch single pole.
Four way shown in single way.
Electro MagneticElectro Magnetic
Phase LinePhase Line
Proper connection LineProper connection Line
Neutral LineNeutral Line
Earth LineEarth Line
Signal LineSignal Line
Distribution Box/Panel BoardDistribution Box/Panel Board
Thermal RelayThermal Relay
Ceiling RoseCeiling Rose
Magnetic Conductor Tripper Three Main ContactMagnetic Conductor Tripper Three Main Contact
Change Over SwitchChange over switch
Wire Overlay CrossingWire overlay crossing
Plug and SocketPlug and Socket
Two-pin Plug socket
(with & without switch)
Two-pin Plug socket
Three-pin Plug socket
(with & without switch)
Three-pin Plug socket
Ceiling Lamp OutletCeiling Lamp Outlet
Wall Lamp OutletWall Lamp Outlet
Ceiling FanCeiling Fan
Bracket FanBracket Fan
Exhaust FanExhaust Fan
Fan RegulatorFan Regulator
Indicator SwitchIndicator Switch
Electromagnet RelayElectromagnet Relay
Lamp (with Bracket)Lamp with Bracket
AC CurrentAC Current
Direct and Alternating CurrentDirect and Alternating Current
Movable Iron Type Machine
Main Fuse Board (without Switch)Main Fuse Board without Switch
Main Fuse Board (with Switch)Main Fuse Board with Switch
Switchless Distribution Fuse BoardSwitchless distribution fuse Board
Distribution Fuse Board(with switch)Distribution Fuse Board with switch
Air Circuit Breaker Air Circuit Breaker
Oil Circuit BreakerOil Circuit Breaker
Lighting Arrester Lighting Arrester
Starter (Motor)Starter Motor
Star Delta StarterStar Delta Starter
Emersion HeaterEmersion Heater
Hanging LampHanging Lamp
Water Type LampWater type lamp
DC CurrentDC Current
Movable Permanent Magnetic Type MachineMovable permanent magnetic type machine


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