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Gas Turbine Power Plant

Published on 24/2/2012 & updated on Thursday 19th of July 2018 at 04:53:05 PM
In all power generating stations except solar power generating station employee alternator to generate electrical energy. An alternator is a rotating machine which can produce electricity only when it rotates. Hence there must be a prime mover which helps to turn the alternator. The primary arrangement of all power plants is to rotate the prime mover so that alternator can generate required electricity. In gas turbine power plant we use high pressure and temperature air instead of high pressure and temperature steam to rotate the turbine.

The fundamental working principle of a gas turbine power plant is same as that of a steam turbine power plant. The only difference is there that in steam turbine power plant we use compressed steam to rotate the turbine, but in gas turbine power plant we use compressed air to turn the turbine.

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Gas Turbine Power Plant

Schematic Diagram of Gas Turbine Power PlantIn the gas turbine power plant air is compressed in a compressor. This compressed air then passes through a combustion chamber where the temperature of the compressed air rises. That high temperature and high-pressure air is passed through a gas turbine. In turbine the compressed air is suddenly expanded; hence it gains kinetic energy, and because of this kinetic energy the air can do mechanical work for rotating the turbine.

In a gas turbine power plant, the shaft of turbine, alternator and air compressor are common. The mechanical energy created in the turbine is partly utilised to compress the air. Gas turbine power plants are mainly used as standby auxiliary power supplier in a hydroelectric power plant. It generates auxiliary power during starting of a hydroelectric power plant. Gas Turbine Power Plant

Advantages of Gas Turbine Power Plant

Disadvantages of Gas Turbine Power Plant

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