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System of Electrical Wiring

Published on 24/2/2012 & updated on 27/7/2018

What is Electrical Wiring?

Electrical wiring is the electrical power distribution through the wires in a perfect manner for economic use of wiring conductors inside a room or building with better load control.Electrical wiring system is classified into five categories:

Cleat Wiring

Material Used in Cleat Wiring

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System of Electrical Wiring

cleat wiring

Procedure of Cleat Wiring

In this wiring VIR or PVC insulated wires are braided and compounded on walls or ceiling with the help of porcelain cleats. The wires can be weather proof. Simple wire laying is done in this scheme of wiring. In present days, this kind of wiring scheme is not recommended for house or building. Only in temporary army campus or festival related pandels this wiring is used.

cleat wiring

Advantages of Cleat Wiring

There are some advantages of this type of wiring.

Disadvantages of Cleat Wiring

The disadvantages of this wiring are

Casing Wiring

Material Used in Casing Wiring

Procedure of Casing Wiring

This kind of winding is very old fashioned. Generally PVC or VIR insulated wires are carried through the casing enclosure and capping is used to cover the casing. casing wiring

Advantages of Casing Wiring

Advantages of this kind of wiring scheme are

Disadvantages of Casing Wiring

There are some disadvantages in casing wiring; they are

Batten Wiring

Material Used in Batten Wiring

Procedure of Batten Wiring

Group of Single or double or three core cables are used to be laid on straight teak wooden batten. The cables are hold with help of tinned brass link clip or buckle clip. Brass pins are used to fix the buckle clips on the wooden batten. Buckle clips is fixed with brass pin on the wooden batten at an interval 10 cm for horizontal runs and 15 cm for vertical runs. batten wiring

Advantages of Batten Wiring

The advantages of this kind of wiring are given below.

Disadvantages of Batten Wiring

The disadvantages of batten wiring are

Conduit Wiring

Material Used in Conduit Wiring

Procedure of Conduit Wiring

This kind of wiring is not easy to install. On the surface of the wall or ceiling conduit pipes (with GI wire inside) are attached with help of 2-hole strap and base clip at a regular certain distance. Next GI wire is used to lay down the wires through the conduit pipe. conduit wiring

Advantages of Conduit Wiring

The main advantages are

Disadvantages of Conduit Wiring

The disadvantages of conduit wiring are

Concealed Wiring

Material Used in Concealed Wiring

Same materials are used in concealed wiring as conduit wiring.

Procedure of Concealed Wiring

Concealed wiring is properly named as concealed conduit wiring. It is very laborious to install. The layout of this wiring is done under the plaster of the wall of the building. Conduit pipes are buried under the plaster of wall with GI wire inside. After, with the help of GI wires, the main PVC insulated cables are drawn through the conduit.

Advantages of Concealed Wiring

Same as conduit wiring

Disadvantages of Concealed Wiring

Same as conduit wiring. concealed wiring

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