Casing Capping Wiring

This is one of the simple forms of electric wiring systems. This is little bit old/conventional wiring system. Now days we very often use this cashing capping electric wiring system. As the name referred in this wiring, PVC insulated wires are placed in plastic cashing and covered with cap. The cashing is of rectangular cross section as shown.
wiring cashing

The color of cashing channel and cap are normally white or grey. The cashing channel and cap are normally made of either plastic or wood. The channels and caps are available in the market in standard length. The commonly available standard lengths are 1 meter, 10 feet and 6.5 feet etc.
In cashing capping wiring system, we first cut the cashing channels in required length with capping cover. Then we screw these on the wall as per layout planning of our wiring. Normally, we insert screw after each 30 cm in the channel.

The After that we place the PVC insulated 0.75 mm2, 1 mm2, 1.5 mm2, 2.5 mm2 or 4 mm2 copper wire in the channel as per our requirement.

cashing wiring

After all the process we cover the channel by cap.
cashing capping wiring
The wire laying work for the cashing capping wiring is finished.

We can fit the channels in both vertical and horizontal alignment. In corners and junctions we can use elbow joint and tee joints respectively.

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