Safety Rules for Overhead Lines

  • Nobody should climb any tower carrying live overhead conductors.
  • Cows or other domestic animals should not be tied with any tower legs and stay wires.
  • Nobody should be allowed to throw any metallic strip, metallic wire, ropes and green twinges to the live over head lines.
  • If any conductor is snapped or dangling from the tower, should not be touched without proper shutdown and temporary earthing arrangement. In this case nobody should be allowed to come closer to the snapped or hanged conductor until the entire circuit is isolated and earthed from both ends substations. In additions to that the snapped conductors should also be locally temporarily earthed with proper earthing rod before touching it for repairing work.
  • If we see any sparking on the live conducting parts of over head system, we should immediately inform to the concerned authority.
  • We should not put any temporary or permanent bands or embankments under the live over head line which is causes reduction in ground clearance of the Overhead line.
  • We should not carry any long metallic poles, bamboos, pipes etc below the live conductors. Farming just below the over head electrical lines are allowed but cultivation of sugarcanes like plants h be avoided if those grow above 5 meters height.
  • Over loaded bullock carts, tractors trail or similar kind of vehicle with height more than 5 meters from ground level should not cross any live over head lines.
  • Any building either temporary or permanent should not be constructed below the over head line. Not only below the over head lines, the building should also be constructed well away from the line by following standard electrical clearance rules of the country.
  • We should not touch any over head tower body during rain.
  • We should keep sufficient safe distance from the over head line during stormy weather. During storm, any line conductor or tower may accidentally fall on us.
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