Safety Precautions for Electrical System

Actual safety requires whole hearted cooperation, from all levels of workers involved in the work. It is need not to say, that all the people engaged in the electrical work should well aware of all safety rules and regulations related to the work they are executing. The workers executing the work should be extremely disciplined. Electrical work should not be done by wearing loose dresses.

Before starting the work, the working place should be made neat and clean. The place should also be sufficiently illuminated before work. All levels of voltage should be considered equally dangerous. Even the voltage levels which cannot produce electrical shock should also not be ignored. We shall first confirm the circuit is dead before touching it for repairing maintenance and any others works.

    • We have to switch off, isolate and properly earth the circuit before doing any work with the circuit.
    • We shall only execute the work after getting properly issued work permit from the concerned operating personal.
    • The work permit can only be issued after making the circuit completely dead, isolated and earthed.
    • We must display Danger Board at the place of work.
    • We should not allow any unauthorized person to enter in the working place.
    • We should not put any new equipment into the service without necessary testing by authority.
    • All electrical equipments, bays, circuits, should be identified by properly viewable labels to avoid any mistake.

personal protective equipments

  • We should not work on electrical circuit during heavy lightning storm.
  • We should wear shoes having sewn soles, preferably insulated rubber soles.
  • We should not wear suspenders, arm bands, with metal buckets or other metal parts. We also do not wear metal key chain or metal keepers for key rings or watch rings outside the clothing during work. We should always, take extra precaution while work in extra damp area.
  • When there is a hurry to do the work, the tired and exhausted workers should be avoided to do so.
  • We should not toss the tools or working materials to other person. It is better to deliver the tools and materials hand to hand.
  • We should not keep any tools at the edge of equipment cabinet or structure from where these may fall off.
  • We should not do anything which may startle the person working in hazardous condition.
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