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Electric Heating

Published on 24/2/2012 and last updated on 27/7/2018
Electric heating means production of heat energy from electrical energy. That means production of heat by electricity. Electric heating is required for various daily domestic purposes like, cooking, room heating, water heating, toasting breads, pressing cloths etc. Electric heating is also essentially used in industrial application like, melting of metals, heat treatment processes, molding of glasses, baking of insulators, enamellings of copper wires, welding etc. The main advantage of electric heating is that, the cost expenditure for heating purpose is quite low compared to other process of heating. In addition to that there are several other advantages of electric heating.

Advantages of Electric Heating

There are many process of producing heat energy but electric heating can be considered as superior of them because of many reasons.
  1. This system is most clean system of heating. This is free from dirt.
  2. This electric heating process does not produce any flue gas. So no additional arrangement is required to exhaust the flue gas.
  3. This is much controlled method of heating. Temperature of the process can be accurately controlled as per requirement.
  4. Initial and running costs of electric furnaces are much lower than other types of furnaces.
  5. Automatic protection schemes for over loading and over current can easily be provided in this system with help of electrical switchgear system.
  6. The overall efficiency of electric heating system is much more than other systems of heating.
  7. The system is free from irritating noise.
  8. There is no upper limit of producing temperature.

Methods of Electric Heating

There are different systems of electric heating used in domestic and industrial purposes. Each of the types of heating system involves its own method of electric heating. These heating methods can be categorized as,
  1. Power frequency heating.
  2. High frequency heating.
  3. Direct resistance heating.
  4. Indirect resistance heating.
  5. Arc heating.
  6. Direct induction heating.
  7. Indirect induction heating.
  8. Dielectric heating.
  9. Infrared or radiant heating.

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Electric Heating
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