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Calorific Values of Fuel

Published on 24/2/2012 & updated on Friday 23rd of February 2018 at 03:02:00 PM
When we generate electricity in steam power plant we have to burn fuel like coal, petroleum oil or flammable gases. The fuel can be considered as such a raw material for producing electricity in any kind of thermal power generating plants. So the quality of the fuel used in a thermal power generating plants plays a vital role in that sense. The calorific value of a fuel determines the quality of the fuel. We define the calorific value of a fuel as the amount of heat produced by complete combustion of one unit of the fuel. The unit we consider in this case may be of weight or volume depending on the type of the fuel. In case of solid fuel like coal we use weight unit and in case of liquid and gaseous fuel, we can use volume unit for the purpose.

We define the calorific value of coal as the amount heat in calories generated in the combustion of one gram of coal. So we express the calorific value of coal as calories per gram. We sometimes measure it in kilocalorie per kilogram. In this case, we measure the weight of the coal in kilogram and we express the generated heat in kilocalorie. In case of liquid and gaseous fuel, we can express calorific value in calories per litre or kilocalorie per litre.

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Calorific Values of Fuel

Let us look at calorific value of some well known fuels.

calorific value of fuels

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