Treatment of Electric Shock

  • When any person gets electric shock from a live (voltage) contact, we should switch off the supply immediately. We should not remove the person from live contact (if switching off of power supply is not possible) without help of insulated articles suitable for the voltage level. We should force the person to remove from live contact with help of insulated rubber gloves, boots, mat or insulated sticks. If these are not readily available on spot, remove him or her by pulling or pushing by a loop of rope, or cap or coat. But before using these, make sure that these are very dry and non-conducting.
  • Immediately after removing the victim from the live contacts, put your fingers in his mouth and remove if any matters are there in his mouth like, false teeth, gums etc. Then bring artificial respiration with continuous artificial respiration, side by side, remove his clothing without any delay.
  • We always try to keep the patient warm and keep the artificial respiration on.

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