Safety Rules for Medium Voltage Installation

  • All the wires required for control, relay, indication metering should be carried through by PVC pipes or conduit pipes or under floor covered cable trenches.
  • All metering, controlling and other electrical accessories should be properly earthed.
  • The condition of insulation of all wires used in medium voltage installation, including insulated wires used for earthing purpose should be checked at least once in a year.
  • All heavy duty motors installed in medium voltage level should be connected to supply through a starter associated with over load and under voltage release relays.
  • The motors should also be properly oiled and cleaned regularly.
  • The fuses used in the different electrical circuits of medium voltage installation, should be HRC fuses. Wire fuses should be avoided the purpose for better safely.
  • We should use proper guarding to any moving part of the machineries to avoid any unwanted accident to the operating personals.
  • We should not come to the close of moving parts of machinery with loosely fitted dress.
  • All electrical equipments should be installed on concrete platform of proper height.
  • We should keep clean the medium voltage installation zone to avoid any unwanted obstruction during walking on the floor.

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