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Integrating Sphere Photometer

Published on 24/2/2012 & updated on 3/9/2018
The geometry for a typical integrating sphere is shown below,integrating sphere photometer

Constructional Details of Integrating Sphere

The integrating sphere is equipped with–

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Auxiliary Lamp inside the Integrating Sphere

Measurement of Luminous Flux by Integrating Sphere

Before measurement we have to go for some assumptions, they are-
  1. Sphere is empty
  2. Inner surface is perfectly diffused in nature
  3. Reflectivity is spectrally non selective
Now for standard lamp, the luminous flux ФS is premeasured. The standard lamp luminous flux ФS is proportional to its Illuminance ES. Now for a test lamp, Luminous Flux ФT is to be measured. We measure Illuminance of the test lamp ET with the help of integrating sphere photometer head. Here both lamps are fed to the DC supply.
Step 1. When test lam is ON, auxiliary Lamp is OFF. Measure the test Lamp Illuminance ET.
Step 2. When the Test Lamp is OFF, the auxiliary Lamp is ON. Measure the Illuminance ES.

Application of Integrating Sphere

application of integrating sphere

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