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HID Ballast Circuit and Principle

Published on 24/2/2012 & updated on Monday 16th of July 2018 at 06:50:02 PM

What is HID Ballast?

HID ballast is a device that is used to control the voltage and arc current of High Intensity Discharge lamps during their operation.

Classification of HID Ballast

HID ballasts are classified into several categories. They are
  1. Reactor ballast
  2. Lag ballast
  3. Regulator ballast
  4. Auto regulator ballast
Short description about these types is given below.

Reactor Ballast

The Regulator ballast is shown below. reactor ballast

Lag Ballast

Lag ballast is shown below. lag ballast

Regulator Ballast

A regulator ballast is shown below. regulator ballast

Auto Regulator Ballast

The auto regulator ballast is shown below. auto regulator ballast

What is Current Crest Factor for HID Ballast?

The current crest factor is the ratio of the peak to rms current of the HID ballast, i.e.

Which Ballast is Used in Sodium Lamp?

A different kind of ballast is used in sodium lamp. Crest factor should not exceed 1.8 for proper lamp operation. As in the sodium lamp, ionization of xenon gas needs very high voltage, so starting voltage with higher value must be obtained from this kind of special ballast. The lamp wattage is controlled closely to control the amalgam vaporization. The feature of this ballast is given below.

What are the Ballast Losses in Different Ballasts?

The HID ballast losses are given below. hig ballast losses table

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