MCQs on Power Systems

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01․ Which of following generating plants has the minimum operating cost
Diesel plant.
Hydroelectric plant.
Steam plant.
Nuclear plant.

Hydroelectric plant has minimum operating cost in large part due to the free availability of water.

02․ Direct conversion of heat energy into electrical energy is possible through
Thermal converters.
Fuel or solar cell.
MHD generator.
Both A and C.

A thermonic converter trasform heat energy directly into electrical energy by uitilizing thermonic emission. In case of MHD power generation electric is produced by utilizing a high temperature conducting plasma moving through an intense magnetic field. It is a direct heat to electricity conversion technique based on friday laws of electromagnetic induction.

03․ Which of the following power plants needs highly skilled/qualified engineers for its operation

In nuclear power plant, the fuels mainly used are natural uranium, enriched which are also a radioactibe material. These radioactive materials are dangeours for environment so that take precution and safety. That is why highly skilled engineers are required for nuclear power plant opration.

04․ Which of following power plants will take long period in erection and installation
Gas turbine.

Hydroelectric power plants takes a long time erection and installation about pf 10-15 years owing to involvement of huge civil engineering works.

05․ Which of the following power plants can generate power at unpredictable or uncontrollable time
Cooling tower.
Pulverising unit.

Wind power plant is depends on the flowing of wind and directions of wind. Thus it is unpredietable or uncontrollable. Tidal power plant is depends on tide in sea and solar power is depends on the solar radiation in form of electromagnetic radiation by sun. Thus tidal and solar of unpredictable or uncontrollable time.

06․ A thermal power plant is being supplied with coal having much more ash content than that for which it was designed. Which of its following units needs major modifications
Cooling tower.
Ash handling unit.
Pulversing unit.

Ash content is handle by ash handling unit. The ash handling unit removes ash from the furnace ash hoppes and transfer of this ash to fill or storage. If there are much more ash content, its need to major modification of ash handling unit.

07․ In a thermal power plant, which of its following components needs maximum maintenance attention
Steam turbine.
Super heater.

In thermal power plant, the boilers convert water into steam and form one of major equipments in a thermal power plant. The thermal plant is depends on steam. Production of steam will falls due to problem in boiler tube. For this boiler needs maximum maintenance.

08․ A generating station which has a high investment cost and low operating cost is usually operated as a
Base load station.
Peak load station.
Minimum load station.
None of above.

The unvarying load, which occurs almost the whole day on the power plant is called the bse load whereas the various peak demands of the load over and above the base load of the power plant is called the peak load. The power plants to employed as base load power plants should have- (i) low operating cost, (ii) capability of working continously for the long period, (iii) requirement of few operating personal and their repair should be economical and speedy.

09․ A gas turbine power plant is best suited for
Peak load.
Base load.
None of these.

Gas turbine power plants are usually employed as peak loads because these plants can be started and loaded quickly and their initial costs are small but costs are high.

10․ A diesel power plant is generally used as a/an
Peak loads.
Base load.
Standby/emergency plant.
Any of above.

Diesel power plants are used in emergency only owing to thier uneconomical operating cost. It may be used as stanby plants where continuity of power supply staion, telephone exchanges etc.