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1. Types of Electrical Protection Relays or Protective Relays2. Motor Protection Relay for High Voltage Induction Motor3. Feeder Protection Relays4. Pick Up Current | Current Setting | Plug Setting Multiplier and Time Setting Multiplier of Relay5. Electromagnetic Relay Working | Types of Electromagnetic Relays6. Induction Cup Relay Working Principle Construction and Types 7. Over Current Relay Working Principle Types8. Differential Relay 9. Thermal Relay Working Principle Construction of Thermal Overload Relay10. Distance Relay or Impedance Relay Working Principle Types11. Instantaneous Relay12. Inverse Time Relay | Definite Time Lag Relay13. Backup Relay14. Protection System in Power System15. Trip Circuit Supervision16. Differential Protection of Generator or Alternator17. Annunciation System Alarm Annunciator 18. Rotor Earth Fault Protection of Alternator or Generator19. Loss of Field or Excitation Protection of Alternator or Generator20. Overvoltage Protection21. Motor Protection Circuit Breaker or MPCB22. Stator Earth Fault Protection of Alternator23. Inter Turn Fault Protection of Stator Winding of Generator 24. Small and Large Motor Protection Scheme 25. Motor Thermal Overload Protection26. Electrical Fault Calculation | Positive Negative Zero Sequence Impedance27. External and Internal Faults in Transformer28. Backup Protection of Transformer | Over Current and Earth Fault29. Transformer Protection and Transformer Fault30. Generator Protection31. Protection of Lines or Feeder 32. Busbar Protection | Busbar Differential Protection Scheme33. Protection of Capacitor Bank