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Illumination Engineering

1. Electric Lamp | Types of Electric Lamp2. Materials Used in Lamp Bulb3. Incandescent Lamp Principle and Construction of Incandescent Lamp4. Tungsten Halogen Lamps5. Fluorescent Lamp and Working Principle of Fluorescent Lamp6. General Features of Gas Discharge Phenomenon in Fluorescent Lamp7. Working Principle of a Tube Light8. History of Fluorescent Lamp 9. High Pressure Sodium Lamps or HPS Lamps10. Mercury Vapour Lamp11. HID Ballast Circuit and Principle12. Electronic Ballast13. Metal Halide Lamps14. Wiring Diagram for a Single Tube Light Circuit15. Construction of Fluorescent Lamp16. Why is Fluorescent Lamp Phosphor Coated?17. Arc Lamp 18. Xenon Arc Lamp19. Factors to Consider in Interior Lighting Design20. Light Luminaires 21. Flood Lights Luminaire22. Day Lighting23. Road Lighting Design 24. Hospital Lighting25. Glare in Road Lighting System26. Tunnel Lighting27. Basic Theory of Light28. Colour Temperature of Black Body Radiation29. Photometry and Radiometry30. Radiant Flux and Luminous Flux31. Irradiance and Illuminance32. Radiant Exitance and Luminous Exitance33. Radiometric and Photometric Quantities34. Laws of Illumination35. Tristimulus Values and Chromaticity Coordinates36. Transmittance and Reflectance37. Radiance and Luminance38. Standard Photometer39. Integrating Sphere Photometer