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1. Alternator Synchronous Generator | Definition and Types of Alternator2. Working Principle of Alternator3. Construction of Alternator4. Armature Reaction in Alternator or Synchronous Generator 5. Rating of Alternator6. Derivation of Various Power Conditions in Alternators and Synchronous Motors7. Induction Generator | Application of Induction Generator8. Parallel Operation of Alternator 9. Motor Generator Set | M G Set10. Principle of DC Generator11. Construction of DC Generator | Yoke Pole Armature Brushes of DC Generator12. Characteristics of Series Wound DC Generator13. Characteristic of Separately Excited DC Generator14. EMF Equation of DC Generator15. Parallel Operation of DC Generators16. Self Excited DC Generators17. Hopkinson Test 18. Phasor Diagram for Synchronous Generator19. DC Generators Performance Curves20. Types of DC Generators21. Characteristic of Shunt Wound DC Generator22. Magnetization Curve of DC Generator23. Applications of DC Generators 24. Armature Winding | Pole Pitch Coil Span Commutator Pitch25. Wave Winding26. Winding Factor | Pitch Factor | Distribution Factor27. Lap Winding Simplex and Duplex Lap Winding28. Frog Leg Winding | Drum Winding | Gramme Ring Winding29. Armature Winding of Alternator