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1. Electric Power Generation2. Economics of Power Generation3. Cost of Electrical Energy4. Calorific Values of Fuel5. Power Plants and Types of Power Plant6. Thermal Power Generation Plant or Thermal Power Station7. Hydro Power Plant | Construction Working and History of Hydro power plant8. Nuclear Power Station or Nuclear Power Plant 9. Diesel Power Station10. Gas Turbine Power Plant11. Cogeneration | Combined Heat and Power12. Schematic Diagram of Gas Turbine Power Plant13. MHD Generation or Magneto Hydro Dynamic Power Generation 14. Thermoelectric Power Generators or Seebeck Power Generation15. Flow Diagram of a Steam Thermal Power Plant16. Steam Boiler | Working principle and Types of Boiler17. Fire Tube Boiler | Operation and Types of Fire Tube Boiler 18. Water Tube Boiler | Operation and Types of Water Tube Boiler19. Steam Boiler Furnace Grate Firebox Combustion Chamber of Furnace20. Methods of Firing Steam Boiler21. Pulverized Fuel Firing of Boiler22. Superheated Steam and Steam Phase Diagram23. Economiser in Thermal Power Plant | Economiser 24. Duplex Feed Water Pump25. Deaerating Heater | Deaerator26. Natural Draught and Chimney27. Artificial Draught28. Steam Condenser of Turbine29. Surface Steam Condenser 30. Jet Condenser | Low Level High Level Ejector Jet Condenser31. Types and Working of Cooling Tower32. Cooling Tower Useful Terms and Cooling Tower Performance33. Cooling Tower Material and Main Components34. Natural Draft Cooling Towers35. Power Plant Fire Protection System36. Hydrant System for Power Plant Fire Protection37. Medium Velocity Water Spray or MVWS System for Fire Protection38. Foam Fire Protection System39. Fire Detection and Alarm System40. Gas Extinguishing System41. Steam Dryness Fraction42. Vapour Properties Mollier Chart Heat Capacities43. What is Steam Flashing?44. How to Calculate Steam Consumption During Plant Start Up 45. Boiler Feed Water Treatment Demineralization Reverse Osmosis Plant Deaerator46. Fluidized Bed Combustion | Types and Advantages of Fluidized Bed Combustion47. Effective Steam Distribution System48. Nuclear Reactor49. What is Steam?50. Coal Combustion Theory51. What is Water Hammer?52. Feed Water and Steam Circuit of Boiler53. Solar Electricity54. Solar Energy System | History of Solar Energy55. Types of Solar Power Station56. Components of a Solar Electric Generating System57. What is Photovoltaic Effect?58. Staebler Wronski Effect59. Working Principle of Photovoltaic Cell or Solar Cell60. Solar Cell61. Characteristics of a Solar Cell and Parameters of a Solar Cell62. Solar Cell Manufacturing Technology63. What is a Solar PV Module?64. What is Standalone Solar Electric System?65. Solar Lantern66. Engineering Thermodynamics Part 167. Science of Engineering Thermodynamics Part 268. Basic Law of Conservation and First Law of Thermodynamics 69. Carnot Cycle and Reversed Carnot Cycle70. Enthalpy Entropy and Second Law of Thermodynamics71. Rankine Cycle72. Rankine Cycle and Regenerative Feed Heating73. Rankine Cycle for Closed Feed Water Heaters and Rankine Cycle Cogeneration74. Ideal Verses Actual Rankine Cycle75. Rankine Cycle Efficiency Improvement Techniques76. Wind Energy Electricity Generation77. Theory of Wind Turbine 78. Wind Turbine | Working and Types of Wind Turbine79. Basic Construction of Wind Turbine