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Electronics Devices

1. Amplifier Gain | Decibel or dB Gain2. Integrated Circuits | Types of IC3. Regulated Power Supply4. Laser | Types and Components of Laser5. Work Function6. Mobility of Charge Carrier7. What are Photo Electrons? 8. Electron volt or eV 9. Energy Quanta | Development of Quantum Physics 10. Schottky Effect11. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle12. Schrodinger Wave Equation and Wave Function13. Cyclotron Basic Construction and Working Principle14. Sinusoidal Wave Signal15. Common Emitter Amplifier16. RC Coupled Amplifier17. Differential Amplifier 18. Wave Particle Duality Principle19. Space Charge20. Vacuum Diode History Working Principle and Types of Vacuum Diode21. PN Junction Diode and its Characteristics22. Diode | Working and Types of Diode23. Diode Characteristics 24. Half Wave Diode Rectifier25. Full Wave Diode Rectifier26. Diode Bridge Rectifier27. What is Zener Diode?28. Application of Zener Diode29. LED or Light Emitting Diode30. PIN Photodiode | Avalanche Photodiode31. Tunnel Diode and its Applications32. GUNN Diode33. Varactor Diode34. Laser Diode35. Schottky Diode36. Power Diodes37. Diode Resistance38. Diode Current Equation39. Ideal Diode40. Reverse Recovery Time of Diode41. Diode Testing42. MOSFET | Working Principle of p-channel n-channel MOSFET43. MOSFET Circuits44. MOS Capacitor | MOS Capacitance C V Curve45. Applications of MOSFET46. MOSFET as a Switch47. MOSFET Characteristics48. Power MOSFET49. Half Wave Rectifiers50. Full Wave Rectifiers51. Bridge Rectifiers52. Clamping Circuit53. Theory of Semiconductor54. Intrinsic Semiconductor55. Extrinsic Semiconductors56. Energy Bands of Silicon57. Donor and Acceptor Impurities in Semiconductor 58. Conductivity of Semiconductor59. Current Density in Metal and Semiconductor 60. Intrinsic Silicon and Extrinsic Silicon61. P Type Semiconductor62. N Type Semiconductor63. P N Junction Theory Behind P N Junction64. Forward and Reverse Bias of P N Junction65. Zener Breakdown66. Avalanche Breakdown67. Hall Effect Applications of Hall Effect68. Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor69. Silicon Semiconductor70. Types of Transistors71. Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT72. Biasing of Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT73. Transistor Biasing74. Transistor Characteristics75. Current Components in a Transistor76. Transistor Manufacturing Techniques77. Applications of Bipolar Junction Transistor or BJT | History of BJT78. Transistor as a Switch79. Transistor as an Amplifier80. JFET or Junction Field Effect Transistor81. n-channel JFET and p-channel JFET82. Applications of Field Effect Transistor83. DIAC Construction Operation and Applications of DIAC84. TRIAC Construction Operation and Applications of TRIAC85. Phototransistor