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Digital Electronics

1. Digital Electronics2. Boolean Algebra Theorems and Laws of Boolean Algebra3. De Morgan Theorem and Demorgans Laws4. Truth Tables for Digital Logic5. Binary Arithmetic 6. Binary Addition7. Binary Subtraction8. Simplifying Boolean Expression using K Map 9. Binary Division10. Excess 3 Code Addition and Subtraction11. K Map or Karnaugh Map12. Switching Algebra or Boolean Algebra13. Binary Multiplication14. Parallel Subtractor15. Binary Adder Half and Full Adder16. Binary Substractor17. Seven Segment Display 18. Binary to Gray Code Converter and Grey to Binary Code Converter19. Binary to BCD Code Converter20. Analog to Digital Converter21. Digital Encoder or Binary Encoder22. Binary Decoder23. Basic Digital Counter 24. Digital Comparator25. BCD to Seven Segment Decoder26. Parallel Adder27. Parallel Adder or Subtractor28. Multiplexer29. Demultiplexer30. 555 Timer and 555 Timer Working31. Look Ahead Carry Adder32. OR Operation | Logical OR Operation33. AND Operation | Logical AND Operation34. Logical OR Gate35. Logical AND Gate36. NOT Gate37. Universal Gate | NAND and NOR Gate as Universal Gate38. NAND Gate39. Diode and Transistor NAND Gate or DTL NAND Gate and NAND Gate ICs40. X OR Gate and X NOR Gate41. Transistor Transistor Logic or TTL42. NOR Gate43. Fan Out of Logic Gates44. INHIBIT Gate45. NMOS Logic and PMOS Logic46. Schmitt Gates47. Logic Families Significance and Types of Logic Families48. Binary Number System | Binary to Decimal and Decimal to Binary Conversion49. Binary to Decimal and Decimal to Binary Conversion50. BCD or Binary Coded Decimal | BCD Conversion Addition Subtraction51. Binary to Octal and Octal Binary Conversion52. Octal to Decimal and Decimal to Octal Conversion53. Binary to Hexadecimal and Hex Binary Conversion54. Hexadecimal to Decimal and Decimal to Hexadecimal Conversion55. Gray Code | Binary to Gray Code and that to Binary Conversion56. Octal Number System57. Digital Logic Gates58. 2?s Complement59. 1?s Complement60. ASCII Code61. Hamming Code62. 2s Complement Arithmetic63. Error Detection and Correction Codes64. 9s complement and 10s complement | Subtraction65. Some Common Applications of Logic Gates66. Keyboard Encoder67. Alphanumeric codes | ASCII code | EBCDIC code | UNICODE68. Latches and Flip Flops69. S R Flip Flop S R Latch70. Active Low S R Latch and Flip Flop71. Gated S R Latches or Clocked S R Flip Flops72. D Flip Flop or D Latch73. J K Flip Flop74. Master Slave Flip Flop75. Read Only Memory | ROM76. Programmable Logic Devices77. Programmable Array Logic78. Application of Flip Flops79. Shift Registers80. Buffer Register and Controlled Buffer Register81. Data Transfer in Shift Registers82. Serial In Serial Out (SISO) Shift Register83. Serial in Parallel Out (SIPO) Shift Register84. Parallel in Serial Out (PISO) Shift Register85. Parallel in Parallel Out (PIPO) Shift Register86. Universal Shift Registers87. Bidirectional Shift Register88. Dynamic Shift Register89. Applications of Shift Registers90. Uninterruptible Power Supply | UPS91. Conversion of Flip Flops92. Johnson Counter93. Sequence Generator94. Ring Counter