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DC Motor

1. Electrical Motor | Types Classification and History of Motor2. Working of Electric Motor3. DC Motor or Direct Current Motor4. Speed Regulation of DC Motor5. Speed Control of DC Motor6. Working or Operating Principle of DC Motor7. Torque Equation of DC Motor8. Construction of DC Motor | Yoke Poles Armature Field Winding Commutator Brushes of DC Motor 9. Testing of DC Machine10. Swinburne Test of DC Machine11. Losses in DC Machine12. Ward Leonard Method of Speed Control13. Armature Reaction in DC Machine14. Commutation in DC Machine or Commutation in DC Generator or Motor15. Methods of Improving Commutation16. Starting Methods to limit Starting Current and Torque of DC Motor17. 3 Point Starter | Working Principle and Construction of Three Point Starter 18. 4 Point Starter | Working Principle and Construction of Four Point Starter19. Types of DC Motor Separately Excited Shunt Series Compound DC Motor20. Shunt Wound DC Motor | DC Shunt Motor21. Series Wound DC Motor or DC Series Motor22. Compound Wound DC Motor or DC Compound Motor23. Permanent Magnet DC Motor or PMDC Motor | Working Principle Construction 24. Brushless DC Motors