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1. Battery | History and Working Principle of Batteries2. Alkaline Batteries3. Voltaic Cell4. Charging of Battery and Discharging of Battery5. Construction of Zinc Carbon Battery | Leclanche Cell6. Nickel Iron Batteries or Edison Batteries7. Aluminum Air Battery | Experiment Reaction Equations Uses8. Zinc Carbon Battery |Types of Zinc Carbon Battery | Advantages and Disadvantages 9. Mercuric Oxide Battery | Chemistry Construction Advantages Uses10. Magnesium Battery | Chemistry Construction of Magnesium Battery11. Ionization Process and Definition12. Principle of Electrolysis of Copper Sulfate Electrolyte13. Applications of Electrolysis Electroplating Electroforming Electrorefining14. Working of Lead Acid Battery | Lead Acid Secondary Storage Battery15. Construction of Lead Acid Battery16. Maintenance of Lead Acid Battery