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1. What is transformer? Definition and Working Principle of Transformer2. Transformer Insulating Oil and Types of Transformer Oil3. EMF Equation of Transformer | Turns Voltage Transformation Ratio of Transformer4. Ideal Transformer5. Theory of Transformer on Load and No Load Operation6. Resistance and Leakage Reactance or Impedance of Transformer7. Principle of Water Content Test of Insulating Oil8. Equivalent Circuit of Transformer referred to Primary and Secondary 9. Hysteresis Eddy Current Iron or Core Losses and Copper Loss in Transformer10. Voltage Regulation of Transformer11. Single Three Phase Transformer vs Bank of Three Single Phase Transformers12. Parallel operation of Transformers13. Magnetizing Inrush Current in Power Transformer14. Instrument Transformers15. Current Transformer CT class Ratio Error Phase Angle Error in Current Transformer16. Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer Theory17. Knee Point Voltage of Current Transformer PS Class 18. Accuracy Limit Factor and Instrument Security Factor of Current Transformer19. Isolation Transformer20. Causes of Insulating Oil Deterioration21. Collecting Oil Sample from Oil Immersed Electrical Equipment22. Acidity Test of Transformer Insulating Oil23. DGA or Dissolved Gas Analysis of Transformer Oil | Furfural or Furfuraldehyde Analysis 24. Transformer Accessories | Breather and Conservator Tank | Radiator25. Silica Gel Breather of Transformer26. Conservator Tank of Transformer27. Radiator of Transformer | Function of Radiator28. Magnetic Oil Gauge or MOG | Magnetic Oil Level Indicator of Transformer29. Oil Winding and Remote Temperature Indicator of Transformer30. Transformer Cooling System and Methods31. On Load and No Load Tap Changer of Transformer | OLTC and NLTC32. Tertiary Winding of Transformer | Three Winding Transformer33. Core of Transformer and Design of Transformer Core34. Restricted Earth Fault Protection of Transformer | REF Protection35. Buchholz Relay in Transformer | Buchholz Relay Operation and Principle36. What is Earthing Transformer or Grounding Transformer37. Differential Protection of Transformer | Differential Relays38. Over Fluxing in Transformer39. Transformer Testing | Type Test and Routine Test of Transformer40. Transformer Winding Resistance Measurement41. Voltage and Turn Ratio Test of Transformer42. Vector Group Test of Power Transformer43. Open and Short Circuit Test on Transformer44. Insulation Dielectric Test of Transformer45. Transformer Oil and Winding Temperature Rise Test46. Impulse Test of Transformer47. Maintenance of Transformer48. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Test | SFRA Test49. Installation of Power Transformer50. Commissioning of Power Transformer51. Electrical Power Transformer | Definition and Types of Transformer52. Step Up Transformer53. Step Down Transformer54. What is Auto Transformer ?55. High Voltage Transformer56. Distribution Transformer | All Day Efficiency of Distribution Transformer57. Dry Type Transformer58. Air Core Transformer59. Design of Inductor in Switched Mode Power Supply Systems60. Design of High Frequency Pulse Transformer61. Single Phase Transformer62. Toroidal Transformer