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Basic Electrical


1. Drift Velocity Drift Current and Electron Mobility
2. What is Electric Current and Theory of Electricity
3. Electric Potential
4. Voltage or Electric Potential Difference
5. What is Electrical Energy Definition Formula Unit of Electrical Energy
6. Electric Power
7. Electric Charge
8. Electron volt or eV
9. Sinusoidal Wave Signal
10. RMS or Root Mean Square Value of AC Signal
11. SI System of Units
12. Electrical International Symbol
13. Cyclotron Basic Construction and Working Principle
14. Space Charge
15. Ionization Energy


1. What is Electricity and How Electricity is Generated and Used
2. Nature of Electricity


1. What is Electrical Resistance? Definition and Unit of Resistance
2. Resistivity Laws of Resistance and Unit of Resistivity
3. Resistance Variation with Temperature
4. Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
5. Resistances in Series and Resistances in Parallel

Current Voltage

1. Ideal Dependent Independent Voltage Current Source
2. Voltage to Current Converter
3. Voltage Source
4. Voltage Multiplier
5. Voltage Doubler
6. Voltages in Series
7. Voltage in Parallel
8. Voltage Divider
9. Voltage Follower
10. Voltage Regulator 7805
11. Voltage Regulator
12. Voltage Drop Calculation
13. Voltage Regulators
14. Regulated Power Supply
15. Uninterruptible Power Supply | UPS


1. Types of Resistor Carbon Composition and Wire Wound Resistor
2. Carbon Composition Resistor
3. Wire Wound Resistor
4. Varistor or Metal Oxide Varistor MOV
5. Variable Resistors | Defination, Uses and Types of Variable Resistors
6. Light Dependent Resistor | LDR and Working Principle of LDR


1. What is Inductor and Inductance | Theory of Inductor
2. Self Induction and Self Inductance and Derivation of Inductance
3. Mutual Induction and Mutual Inductance with Dot Convention
4. Series and Parallel Inductors with Effects of Mutual Induction


1. What is Capacitor? What is Capacitance?
2. Working Principle of a Capacitor
3. Charging a Capacitor
4. Discharging a Capacitor
5. Energy Stored in Capacitor
6. Transient Behavior of Capacitor
7. Quality Factor of Inductor and Capacitor
8. Capacitors in Series and Parallel
9. How to Test Capacitors?


1. Magnet and Magnetism
2. Electromagnetic Theory
3. Magnetic Field and Importance of Magnetic Field
4. Magnetic Flux
5. Energy Stored in a Magnetic Field
6. Magnetic Permeability
7. Magnetic Susceptibility
8. Magnetic Circuit
9. Magnetic Circuit with Air Gap
10. Hysteresis Loop
11. Magnetic Saturation
12. A Current Carrying Conductor within a Magnetic Field

Capacitor Types

1. Parallel Plate Capacitor
2. Cylindrical Capacitor
3. Spherical Capacitor
4. Ceramic Capacitor
5. Electrolytic Capacitor


1. What is Electric Field?
2. Electric Field Strength or Electric Field Intensity
3. Electric Lines of Force
4. What is Flux? Types of Flux?
5. Electric Flux and Electric Flux Density
6. Coulomb's Law | Explanation Statement Formulas Principle Limitation of Coulomb's Law
7. Permittivity and Relative Permittivity or Dielectric Constant

Phasor Diagram

1. Electric Power Single and Three Phase Power Active Reactive Apparent
2. Vector Algebra | Vector Diagram
3. Relationship of Line and Phase Voltages and Currents in a Star Connected System
4. Vector Diagram | Three Phase Vector Diagram
5. Three Phase Circuit | Star and Delta System

Electron Emission

1. Work Function and Threshold Frequency
2. Electron Emission
3. Thermionic Emission
4. Thermionic Emitter
5. Field Emission
6. Secondary Emission
7. Photoelectric Emission


1. Electrical Engineering Objective Questions MCQ

Guest Post

1. Natural Gas Power Generators

Quantum Theory

1. Wave Particle Duality Principle
2. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
3. Energy Quanta | Development of Quantum Physics
4. Schrodinger Wave Equation and Wave Function

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