Electric Pressure Cooker

In an electric pressure cooker there is an inner cooking pot. It is removable. It is normally made of aluminum or stainless steel. The pot may have a copper-clad bottom for uniformed heating. There is a lid that is a removable or hinged cover for closing the opening of the exterior pot. The lid has … Read more

Electric Water Heater

The electric heaters used to heat up water are called electric water heater. It is of three (3) types i.e. Normal Plate Heater, Immersion Heater, Geyser Heater. Normal Plate Heater It is used for heating a small amount of water, such as water for shaving etc. Its construction is very simple. It consists of two … Read more

Electric Heating

Heating is required for both industrial and domestic purposes. In industries, heating is required for the melting of metals, moulding of glass, enamelling of copper, baking of insulator and welding etc. In domestic purposes the heating is required for cooking, water heating, room heating in winter, pressing clothes and many more. All those purposes of … Read more