Diversity Factor

We can not store electricity. Thus we have to generate electricity when it is required and as much it is required. The electrical source either it is generating station or substation or any other electric utility, has to fulfil the maximum demand of all connected loads to that source. But we are fortunate enough that … Read more

Load Curve | Load Duration Curve | Daily Load Curve

Load Curve A graphical plot showing the variation in demand for energy of the consumers on a source of supply with respect to time is known as the load curve. If this curve is plotted over a time period of 24 hours, it is known as daily load curve. If its plotted for a week, … Read more

High Voltage Direct Current Transmission | HVDC Transmission

The massive transmission of electricity in the form of DC over long distances by means of submarine cables or overhead transmission line is the high voltage direct current transmission. This type of transmission is preferred over HVAC transmission for very long distance when considering the cost, losses and many other factors. The names Electrical superhighway … Read more

Why Supply Frequency is 50 Hz or 60 Hz?

In olden days people do not have integrated power system as we have now. They had their own standard and load items which are suitable for their power system. That time they had operating frequency range between 16.75 Hz to 133.33 Hz. When people think about large power generation system, they puzzled with the standard … Read more

Electrical Power Substation Engineering and Layout

Electrical Substation Now days the electrical power demand is increasing very rapidly. For fulfilling these huge power demands the modern time requires creation of bigger and bigger power generating stations. These power generating stations may be hydro-electric, thermal or atomic. Depending upon the availability of resources these stations are constructed different places. These places may … Read more

Mobile Substation | Portable Substation | Mobile Transformer

What is Mobile Substation? Sometimes it is required to supply power to a particular place in fully temporary basis. Such as at civil contraction or other construction places where huge consumption of electricity is required but after completion of the construction work the necessity of power will not be as high as during construction. In … Read more

Electrical Bus System and Electrical Substation Layout

There are many different electrical bus system schemes available but selection of a particular scheme depends upon the system voltage, position of substation in electrical power system, flexibility needed in system and cost to be expensed. The Main Criterias to be Considered During Selection of one Particular Bus – Bar Arrangement Scheme Simplicity of system. … Read more