Electrical Grid System

The connection of several generating stations in a network of particular transmission voltage level is commonly known as electrical grid system. By interconnecting different power generating stations we can solve various difficulties arise in power system. Although, forming a grid by interconnecting different generating stations located at different places is significantly expensive since the protections … Read more

Electrical Power System

Before we go to the actual discussion, we would like to tell you what is the need for an electrical power system. From the economical point of view, we always construct a generating station where resources are readily available. The consumers consume electrical energy, but they may stay in such locations where the resources for … Read more

Advantages of Three Phase System over Single Phase System

Presently 3-ø AC system is very popular and being used worldwide for power generation, power transmission, distribution and for electric motors. Three phase system has the following advantages as compare to single phase system: Power to weight ratio of 3-ø alternator is high as compared to 1-ø alternator. That means for generation for same amount … Read more

Auto Reclosing Scheme of Transmission System

The extra high voltage transmission lines transmit huge amount of electric power. Hence, it is always desirable that the continuation of power flow through the lines should not be interrupted for a long time. There may be a temporary or permanent fault in the lines. Temporary faults get automatically cleared, and these do not require … Read more