Steady State Stability

As an introduction, we need to know about power state stability. It is really the capability of the system to return to its steady state condition after subjected to certain disturbances. We can now consider a synchronous generator to understand the power system stability. The generator is in synchronism with the other system connected to … Read more

Transient Stability in Power System

The ability of a synchronous power system to return to stable condition and maintain its synchronism following a relatively large disturbance arising from very general situations like switching ON and OFF of circuit elements, or clearing of faults, etc. is referred to as the transient stability in power system. More often than not, the power … Read more

Power System Stability

Power system engineering forms a vast and major portion of electrical engineering studies. It is mainly concerned with the production of electrical power and its transmission from the sending end to receiving end as per requirements, incurring a minimum amount of losses. The power often changes due to the variation of load or due to … Read more