Earthing of Substation Equipment

The points we must earth in an electrical substation. The neutral point of different voltage levels. Metallic enclosure of all current carrying equipment. Framework of all current carrying equipment. All the metallic structure even not associated with current carrying equipment. Method of Earthing We connect all the points to be earthed with earthing grid with … Read more

Earthing of Electrical Transmission Tower

We should probably earth each tower of an electrical transmission line. We must measure footing resistance of each tower. We should take the footing resistance of tower in dry season before stringing the earth wire and/or OPGW (where OPGW is applicable). In any circumstances footing resistance of the tower will not be more than 10 … Read more

System Earthing

System earthing is primarily required to ensure that the potential of each conductor of the system restricts to its desired value for which the insulation is provided. The system earthing is so designed that it should facilitate the efficient and quick operation of protective relays in case of any earth fault. T N System of … Read more

Resistance of Earth

Resistance of earth is the resistance between infinite earth and earth electrode. This depends upon mainly three factors The resistance of the electrode itself, The contact resistance between electrode surface and soil, The resistivity of soil between the electrode and infinite earth. The first two factors can be taken as negligible compared to third factor, … Read more

Equipment Earthing

What is Earthing? Equipment earthing is a connection done through a metal link between the body of any electrical appliance, or neutral point, as the case may be, to the deeper ground soil. The metal link is normally of MS flat, CI flat, GI wire which should be penetrated to the ground earth grid.Equipment earthing … Read more