Synchronous Condenser

Like capacitor bank, we can use an overexcited synchronous motor to improve the poor power factor of a power system. The main advantage of using synchronous motor is that the improvement of power factor is smooth. When a synchronous motor runs with over-excitation, it draws leading current from the source. We use this property of … Read more

Testing of Capacitor Bank

ANSI, IEEE, NEMA or IEC standard is used for testing a power capacitor bank. There are three types of test performed on capacitor banks. They are Design Tests or Type Tests. Production Test or Routine Tests. Field Tests or Pre commissioning Tests. Design Tests or Type Tests of Capacitor Bank When a new design of … Read more

Shunt Capacitor

A capacitor bank is very essential equipment of an electrical power system. The power required to run all the electrical appliances is the load as useful power is active power. The active power is expressed in KW or MW. The maximum load connected to the electrical power system is mainly inductive in nature such as … Read more

Specifications or Rating of Power Capacitor Bank

A capacitor bank has to go through different abnormal system conditions, during its life span. To with stand these abnormalities at optimum manufacturing cost, the capacitor banks are rated with following allowable parameters. A capacitor bank should continue its service with in the following limits. 110 % of normal system peak voltage. 120 % of … Read more

Capacitor Bank | Reactive Power Compensation

The demand of active power is expressed in Kilo Watts (kW) or Mega Watts (MW). This power should be supplied from electrical generating station. All the arrangements in electrical pomes system are done to meet up this basic requirement. Although in alternating power system, reactive power always comes in to picture. This reactive power is … Read more

Location of Shunt Capacitors

The power factor improver capacitor can be installed at system bus, distribution point and at load itself. But decision should be taken in view of expenditure and utility. In certain loads mainly in industrial load, the entire load is switch ON or OFF based on need. In such cases it is recommended to install capacitor … Read more

Types of Capacitor Bank

Unit of a capacitor bank is normally called capacitor unit. The capacitor units are manufactured as single phase unit. These single phase units are connected in star or delta to farm a complete 3 phase capacitor bank. Although some rare manufacturers 3 phase capacitor unit but normally available capacitor units are single phase type. The … Read more

Switchable Capacitor Bank or Switched Capacitor Bank

It is not always economical to keep a capacitor bank in service throughout the day and night. This is because, a capacitor also provides reactive power to the system as inductor but in opposite direction. Actually capacitive reactive power provided by capacitor neutralizer the inductive reactive power generated in the system due to inductive load. … Read more