GIS or Gas Insulated Switchgear

It is very much required to establish an electrical substation at load center. Since, establishing a substation at load center is quite economical and profitable in many aspects. As it reduces length of feeders and due to short length feeders, the quality of voltage regulation improves. But the main obstruction of establishing a substation at … Read more

Metal Enclosed Switchgear

This type of electrical switchgear has essentially an earthed metallic enclosure. This type of switchgear has essentially three compartments, the front compartment is for circuit breaker, the top compartment is for bus bar assembly and back or rear compartment is for current transformer and cable connection. Generally metal enclosed switchgear has compartments with metal partitions … Read more

Vacuum Interrupters Design Applications and Limitations

Introduction of Vacuum Interrupters Historically, the idea of vacuum interrupters dates back to 1920s when Sorensen and Mendenhall at the California Institute of Technology started research on the concept of short circuit current interruption in a vacuum medium. They conducted an experiment by placing two fixed contacts and a C-shaped moving contact in a glass … Read more

Vacuum Arc and its Stability | Extinction of Vacuum Arc | Arc Plasma

As there is no such media the arc in vacuum circuit breaker differs from general arc in circuit breaker. In vacuum arc the electrons, ions and atoms are all derived from the electrodes itself. The absolute vacuum is not practically possible to create so there are some gases in practical vacuum chamber but the gas … Read more

Introduction of Vacuum Switchgear and its Driving Mechanism

Now days, vacuum switchgear is getting popularity very rapidly. In medium voltage switchgear application, medium voltage vacuum switchgear ranges from 3 to 36 KV. Now days, vacuum interruption technology, in medium voltage application, dominates, air, SF6 and oil technologies. Since, vacuum circuit breaker is more safely and reliably operated where number of faulty and normal … Read more