Miniature Circuit Breaker or MCB

What is MCB? Nowadays we use more commonly miniature circuit breaker or MCB in low voltage electrical network instead of fuse.The MCB has some advantages compared to fuse. It automatically switches off the electrical circuit during abnormal condition of the network means in over load condition as well as faulty condition. The fuse does not … Read more

Working Principle of Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker ELCB | Voltage and Current ELCB | RCCB

Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker or ELCB If any current leaks from any electrical installation, there must-be any insulation failure in the electrical circuit, it must be properly detected and prevented otherwise there may be a high chance of electrical shock if-anyone touches the installation. An earth leakage circuit breaker does it efficiently. Means it detects … Read more

Electrical Fuse HRC Fuse High Rupturing Capacity

Electrical Fuse In normal working condition of electrical network, the current flows through the network is within the rated limit. If a fault occurs in the network mainly phase to phase short circuit fault or phase to ground fault, the network current crosses the rated limits. This high current may have a very high thermal … Read more