Safety Rules for Overhead Lines

Nobody should climb any tower carrying live overhead conductors. Cows or other domestic animals should not be tied with any tower legs and stay wires. Nobody should be allowed to throw any metallic strip, metallic wire, ropes and green twinges to the live over head lines. If any conductor is snapped or dangling from the … Read more

First Aid for Electrical Burns

When we touch any live part of an electrical system, that system gets path to the earth through our body. If the voltage level i.e. potential difference is not very low, there will be a current flowing depending on body resistance flowing through our body to earth. It may make a deep third degree burn … Read more

Treatment of Electric Shock

When any person gets electric shock from a live (voltage) contact, we should switch off the supply immediately. We should not remove the person from live contact (if switching off of power supply is not possible) without help of insulated articles suitable for the voltage level. We should force the person to remove from live … Read more

Mouth to Mouth Resuscitation Artificial Respiration

Lay the victim with his head slightly downwards. If possible you can put folded cloths under his shoulder to align the victim’s head in proper angle. The head of the victim is so aligned, that chin points straight upward. Then grip victim’s yaw and raise it upward until lower teeth are higher than upper teeth; … Read more

Safety Precautions for Electrical System

Actual safety requires whole hearted cooperation, from all levels of workers involved in the work. It is need not to say, that all the people engaged in the electrical work should well aware of all safety rules and regulations related to the work they are executing. The workers executing the work should be extremely disciplined. … Read more

Safety Rules for Medium Voltage Installation

All the wires required for control, relay, indication metering should be carried through by PVC pipes or conduit pipes or under floor covered cable trenches. All metering, controlling and other electrical accessories should be properly earthed. The condition of insulation of all wires used in medium voltage installation, including insulated wires used for earthing purpose … Read more