Digital Voltmeters Working Principle of Digital Voltmeter

Voltmeter is an electrical measuring instrument used to measure potential difference between two points. The voltage to be measured may be AC or DC. Two types of voltmeters are available for the purpose of voltage measurement i.e. analog and digital. Analog voltmeters generally contain a dial with a needle moving over it according to the … Read more

Digital Multimeter

Digital multimeter is a test equipment which offers several electronic measurement task in one tool. It is also known as the voltmeter or Ohm meter or Volt Ohm meter. The standard and basic measurements performed by multimeter are the measurements of amps, volts, and ohms. Apart from that, these digital multimeters perform many additional measurements … Read more

How to Use a Digital Multimeter?

Digital Multimeter is a device which has two words in its name: Digital and Multimeter. Let’s first try to analyze why do we have them there i.e. what do each of them actually convey which in turn helps us understand what does a multimeter do. The first word – digital – indicates that the meter … Read more

Digital Frequency Meter

Digital frequency meter is a general purpose instrument that displays the frequency of a periodic electrical signal to an accuracy of three decimal places. It counts the number events occurring within the oscillations during a given interval of time. As the preset period gets completed, the value in the counter display on the screen and … Read more