Cathode Ray Oscilloscope | CRO

The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope is an instrument which we use in laboratory to display measure and analyze various waveforms of various electrical circuit and electronic circuits. Actually cathode ray oscilloscope is very fast X-Y plotters that can display an input signal versus time or other signal. Cathode ray oscilloscope uses luminous spot which is produced … Read more

Lissajous Patterns of CRO or Cathode Ray Oscilloscope

Cathode Ray Oscilloscope (CRO) is very important electronic device. CRO is very useful to analyze the voltage wave form of different signals. The main part of CRO is CRT (Cathode Ray Tube). A simple CRT is shown in figure below- When both pairs of the deflection plates (horizontal deflection plates and vertical deflection plates) of … Read more

Digital Storage Oscilloscope

A digital oscilloscope is an instrument which stores a digital copy of the waveform in the digital memory which it analyses further using digital signal processing techniques rather than using analogue techniques. It captures the non-repetitive signals and displays it consciously until the device gets reset. In digital storage oscilloscope, signals are received, stored and … Read more

Sampling Oscilloscope

Before discussing sampling oscilloscope, we must know the basic principle and functioning of an ordinary oscilloscope. It is an instrument which receives one or more electrical signals and then produces the waveform on the screen simultaneously. The sampling oscilloscope is an advanced version of the digital oscilloscope with some added features and uses for the … Read more

Double Beam Oscilloscope

The dual beam oscilloscope emits two electron beams that are displayed simultaneously on a single scope, which could be individually or jointly controlled. The construction and working of the dual beam oscilloscope are completely different from dual trace oscilloscope. The tubes are more complicated to build, and the whole thing is more expensive. A special … Read more

Measurement of Voltage Current and Frequency by Oscilloscope

Normally, an oscilloscope is an important tool in an electrical field which is used to display the graph of an electrical signal as it varies with respect to time. But some of the scopes have additional features apart from their fundamental use. Many oscilloscopes have the measurement tool that help us to measure waveform characteristics … Read more

Frequency Limitation of an Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes are an incredibly useful tool of the electronics world after a multimeter. Without a scope, it’s quite difficult to know what is happening in a circuit. But this type of test equipment has its own limitation. To overcome this limitation, one must understand the weakest links in the system fully and compensate for that … Read more