Wind Energy Electricity Generation

Wind energy simply means kinetic energy of air in motion. Air flows on the earth due to uneven heating of the earth surface by radiant energy from the sun. There are many places on the earth where the wind always presents. As the wind is naturally available mechanical energy, we can use this wind to … Read more

What is Wind Turbine | Horizontal Axis and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

The wind has its kinetic energy as it nothing but the flow of atmospheric air. A wind turbine is a machine which utilizes the kinetic energy of wind to produce rotational mechanical energy in its shaft. The rotational motion of the shaft turns an electrical generator to generate electricity. There are mainly two types of … Read more

Basic Construction of Wind Turbine

Major Parts of Wind Turbine Tower of Wind Turbine Tower is very crucial part of wind turbine that supports all the other parts. It not only supports the turbine but raises the turbine to sufficient height so that its blades tips would be at safe height during rotation. Not only that, we have to maintain … Read more

Working Principle of Wind Turbine

How Does Wind Turbine Work? There is an air turbine of large blades attached on the top of a supporting tower of sufficient height. When wind strikes on the turbine blades, the turbine rotates due to the design and alignment of rotor blades. The shaft of the turbine is coupled with an electrical generator. The … Read more

Theory of Wind Turbine and Betz Coefficient

For determining power extracted from wind by wind turbine we have to assume an air duct as shown in the figure. It is also assumed that the velocity of the wind at the inlet of the duct is V1 and velocity of air at the outlet of the duct is V2. Say, mass m of … Read more