Unit of Electrical Energy

The unit of electric power is watt, and hence unit of electrical energy is watt – second since energy is the product of power and time. The watt – seconds is referred as joules. One joule means the work required to be done for transferring one-ampere current in one second from one point to another … Read more

Calorific Values of Fuel

When we generate electricity in steam power plant we have to burn fuel like coal, petroleum oil or flammable gases. The fuel can be considered as such a raw material for producing electricity in any kind of thermal power generating plants. So the quality of the fuel used in a thermal power generating plants plays … Read more

Economics of Power Generation

Economics of Power Generation In all new engineering enterprises of this era, the question of cost is of utmost importance. It is the role played by an engineer to achieve the desired technical result, with minimum cost that distinguishes him from a non engineer who can also possibly attain the same result, but at what … Read more

Cost of Electrical Energy

There are three kinds of expenditures involved in generating electricity. These are fixed cost, semi-fixed cost, running or operating cost. Fixed Cost of Electricity In every manufacturing unit there is some hidden expenditure which fixed. This is same for manufacturing one unit or thousand units of the items. In electric generating station like manufacturing unit, … Read more