Vapour Properties Mollier Chart Heat Capacities

OBJECTIVES The objective is to develope the basics understanding of following concepts: Properties of Vapour Enthalpy of Vaporization Degree of Super heat Mollier Chart Heat Capacities Properties of Vapour Liquids when heated converted into vapour. The difference physical characteristics of liquids and vapours helps in working of engines, in which phase change took place. When … Read more

What is Steam?

Steam can be best understood, by understanding the concept of atomic structure and molecular structure of matter. A molecule is the small amount of any element or compound and still possessing all the chemical properties of substance. A molecule themselves are made up of even smaller atoms. Example molecule of water is made from two … Read more

Steam Dryness Fraction

What is Dryness Fraction? Steam is said to be dry saturated when at that particular pressure its temperature is equal to the boiling point. It is difficult to produce dry saturated steam in practice and steam will often contains water droplets. So steam generated in the drum of the boiler is often wet and contains … Read more

Superheated Steam and Steam Phase Diagram

Superheated Steam When saturated steam generated in steam boiler is further passed through a heat transfer surfaces, then its temperature will starts increasing above evaporation or saturation. Steam is described as super heated, if its temperature is more than that of its saturation temperature. Degree of super-heat is directly related with the temperature of the … Read more

What is Steam Flashing?

Flash steam is produced when high pressure water is reduced to low pressure in the steam trap, such that its temperature is higher than that of saturation temperature corresponding to lower pressure. Thus this high temperature water (condensate) contains much higher energy than corresponding to its saturated condition at the lower pressure. This excess energy … Read more

Steam Calculator: How To Calculate Steam Consumption

What is Steam Consumption in a Pipe? Steam consumed and steam utilized at the point of application are not equal. Normally steam consumed or generated in a steam boiler is more than what is required for use at the point of application. The difference in steam consumption and steam utilization is due to: Steam condensation … Read more

Effective Steam Distribution System

In any steam plant or any process plant effectiveness of steam distribution system is dependent upon the project specific conditions like location and layout of the process plant and its steam consuming equipment like heat exchangers, decorators etc. Steam distribution circuit is one of the major link between the steam production point and the point … Read more