Electric Poles

For carrying of overhead line, wooden poles, concrete poles, steel poles and rail poles are used. Which poles are to be used, depending on the importance of load, location, and place, cost effect of such construction, including maintenance cost, and keeping its profit element in mind. In low voltage line for all phases, natural and … Read more

Fault of Electric Cable

It can be of three (3) types of electric cable faults found. They are There may be a short circuit between two conductors, There may be earth fault, i.e., fault between conductor and ground, There may be open circuit caused due to disconnection of the conductor. There can be more than one of the faults … Read more

Electric Supply System

Previously there was very little demand for electrical energy. A single small electrical generating unit could meet the localized demand. Nowadays the demand for electrical energy is tremendously increasing along with the modernization of human lifestyles. To meet this increasing electrical load demand, we have to establish quite a large number of big power plants. … Read more

Electrical Power Distribution System | Radial and Ring Main

Electrical Power Distribution System The main function of an electrical power distribution system is to provide power to individual consumer premises. Distribution of electric power to different consumers is done with much low voltage level. Distribution of electric power is done by distribution networks. Distribution networks consist of following main parts Distribution substation, Primary distribution … Read more