Fourier Series and Fourier Transform

Sometimes all the information in time domain is not sufficient. This makes us to move to frequency domain of the signal for extracting more information about the signal. This movement from one domain to other domain is known as transformation. For changing the domain of signal from time to frequency we have many tools. Fourier … Read more

Analysis of Exponential Fourier Series

Fourier Series at a Glance A continuous time signal x(t) is said to be periodic if there is a positive non-zero value of T for which As we know any periodic signal can be classified into harmonically related sinusoids or complex exponential, provided it satisfies the Dirichlet’s Conditions. This decomposed representation is called FOURIER SERIES. … Read more

Trigonometric Fourier Series

We have already discussed the Fourier series in exponential form. In this article we will discuss another form of Fourier series i.e. Trigonometric Fourier series. Fourier series representation in Trigonometric form Fourier series in trigonometric form can be easily derived from its exponential form. The complex exponential Fourier series representation of a periodic signal x(t) … Read more