Different Types of Transformer Winding

Core and Windings of Three Phase Core Type Transformer There are different types of windings used for different kinds of applications and arrangements. Windings are the conductors wrapped in various forms like helical, disc, cylindrical, crossover which generates mmf that is carried by the core to other windings for having the different level of voltages. … Read more

Silica Gel Breather of Transformer

Silica Gel Breather of Transformer Whenever electrical power transformer is loaded, the temperature of the transformer insulating oil increases, consequently the volume of the oil is increased. As the volume of the oil is increased, the air above the oil level in conservator will come out. Again at low oil temperature; the volume of the … Read more

Conservator Tank of Transformer

Conservator Tank of a Transformer This is a cylindrical tank mounted on supporting structure on the roof the transformer main tank. The main function of conservator tank of transformer is to provide adequate space for expansion of oil inside the transformer. Function of Conservator Tank of a Transformer When transformer is loaded and when ambient … Read more

Radiator of Transformer | Function of Radiator

Function of Radiator When an electrical transformer is loaded, the current starts flowing through it’s windings. Due to this flowing of electric current, heat is produced in the windings, this heat ultimately rises the temperature of transformer oil. We know that the rating of any electrical equipment depends upon its allowable temperature rise limit. Hence, … Read more

MOG in Transformer (Magnetic Oil Level Gauge)

A Magnetic Oil level Guage (MOG) is a device used to indicate the position of transformer insulating oil level in conservator of a transformer. This is a mechanical device. A mog in a transformer consists of three main parts: One float Bevel gear arrangement An indicating dial Construction of Magnetic Oil Gauge or MOG Let’s … Read more

Oil Winding and Remote Temperature Indicator of Transformer

Temperature Indicator of Transformer These are generally precision instruments. A temperature indicator of power transformer is specially designed for protection of transformer in addition to its temperature indication and cooling control features. That means, this device performs three functions. These instruments indicate instantaneous temperature of oil and windings of transformer. These also record maximum temperature … Read more

On Load and No Load Tap Changer of Transformer | OLTC and NLTC

On Load Tap Changer or OLTC In larger electrical power transformer, for proper voltage regulation of transformer, on load tap changer is required. As there is no permission of switching off the transformer during tap changing. The tapping arrangement, is placed in separate divertor tank attached to electrical power transformer main tank. Inside this tank, … Read more

Transformer Cooling System and Methods

The main source of heat generation in transformer is its copper loss or I2R loss. Although there are other factors contribute heat in transformer such as hysteresis and eddy current losses but contribution of I2R loss dominate them. If this heat is not dissipated properly, the temperature of the transformer will rise continually which may … Read more

Core of Transformer and Design of Transformer Core

Purpose of Transformer Core In an electrical power transformer, there are primary, secondary and may be tertiary windings. The performance of a transformer mainly depends upon the flux linkages between these windings. For efficient flux linking between these windings, one low reluctance magnetic path common to all windings should be provided in the transformer. This … Read more

Transformer Accessories | Breather and Conservator Tank | Radiator

For providing long service life to the transformer, different transformer accessories get fitted with it. These transformer accessories should also be included in our study for better understanding transformer operation and maintenance. Breather of Transformer When the temperature changes occur in transformer insulating oil, the oil expands or contracts and there an exchange of air … Read more