Zener Diode Experiment

The Zener diode mainly operates in reverse biased condition. We use Zener diodes for voltage regulation and voltage stabilisation. They provide a low-cost and no frill method for voltage regulation. The critical parameter of this type of diodes is the Zener breakdown voltage. The Zener breakdown voltage is the minimum reverse biased voltage below which … Read more

What is Zener Diode? Working Principle of Zener Diode

Zener diode is basically like an ordinary PN junction diode but normally operated in reverse biased condition. But ordinary PN junction diode connected in reverse biased condition is not used as Zener diode practically. A Zener diode is a specially designed, highly doped PN junction diode. Working Principle of Zener Diode When a PN junction … Read more

Characteristics of Zener Diode

Ordinary diodes are forward biased and work in the forward direction. They have a large forward current flowing through them with a negligible voltage drop across them. If we operate an ordinary diode in reverse biased, it conducts insignificant current until the voltage applied across them exceeds the reverse breakdown voltage. Once that happens, large … Read more

Zener Diode as Voltage Regulator

A Zener diode is one of the specially designed diodes that predominately works in reverse biased conditions. They are more heavily doped than ordinary diodes, due to which they have narrow depletion region. While regular diodes get damaged when the voltage across them exceeds the reverse breakdown voltage, Zener diodes work exclusively in this region. … Read more

Applications of Zener Diode

We know what is Zener diode and what is the basic principle of operation of it. Now the question arises where this type of diodes are used. The main application of this type of diodes are as voltage regulator. Over voltage protector, as voltage reference. We will discussed what is the application of zener diode … Read more