RC Coupled Amplifier

A Resistance Capacitance (RC) Coupled Amplifier is basically a multi-stage amplifier circuit extensively used in electronic circuits. Here the individual stages of the amplifier are connected together using a resistor–capacitor combination due to which it bears its name as RC Coupled. Figure 1 shows such a two-stage amplifier whose individual stages are nothing but the … Read more

Amplifier Gain | Decibel or dB Gain

An amplifier is such an electronic device which controls a bigger electrical signal by means of a far smaller electrical signal. The output signal of this device may be voltage controlled or current controlled. An amplifier just creates a copy of input signal (control signal) but in larger magnitude with the help of external DC … Read more

Differential Amplifier

Differential Amplifier is a device which is used to amplify the difference between the voltages applied at its inputs. Such circuits can be of two types viz., Differential amplifiers built using transistors, either Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) or Field Effect Transistors (FETs) Differential amplifiers built using Op-Amps. Figure 1 shows such a circuit made of … Read more

Common Emitter Amplifier

Transistors are can be configured in three different ways depending on whether the common terminal in between the input and output ports is base, collector or emitter and are named common base, common collector and common emitter, accordingly. Further, by choosing an appropriate biasing point, one may make the device suitable for either amplification or … Read more